Acquerello three 500g cans


Aged 1 year


The package to discover Acquerello

The best way to understand why it is a unique rice in the world is to taste it. With this package of three tins you can discover Acquerello or make a precious and refined gift.

Then get inspired by the chefs and enthusiasts who choose Acquerello every day for their recipes: visit the recipes section on our website or discover all the colors of Acquerello on Instagram.

Aged Carnaroli Rice restored with its germ

  • Origin of rice: Italy
  • Produced and packaged at the Tenuta Colombara in Livorno Ferraris (VC)
  • Packaged with high vacuum and subsequent pressurization with nitrogen
  • Shelf Life: 84 month from the date of packaging
  • Once the package has been opened, store in a cool and dry place

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